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Handle.exe Error

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Topic: Handle.exe Error
Posted By: Praveen_Gutti
Subject: Handle.exe Error
Date Posted: 12 December 2006 at 7:41am

Hi , I get " Error loading driver: Access is denied "  when I try to use like this :  Handle.exe - u "D:\Application\Exe" 

What Driver access is denied here ?. This kind of errors should be more verbose. I am an administrator in the server I am getting this error.



Posted By: Karlchen
Date Posted: 12 December 2006 at 3:26pm
Good evening, Praveen.

Handle.exe uses the same kernel mode driver as Process Explorer.

Provided you are using a current handle.exe version, the driver name ought to be procexp100.sys.

The error message you receive may indicate that your admin account does not have the SeLoadDriverPrivilege.

You can check and re-assign this privilege by using Administrative Tools => Local Security Policy (secpol.msc).

Or if the commandline is your friend then you may use
ntrights.exe -u <username> +r SeLoadDriverPrivilege
(NTRights.exe is part of the Win2K/Win2003 ResourceKit Tools, cf. - here )


Posted By: Praveen_Gutti
Date Posted: 13 December 2006 at 6:35am

Hi Karl,    Good Morning.

Thanks for your reply . Actually this is the only server that I am facing this problem in.

1) I  did ntrights.exe -u prg +r SeLoadDriverPrivilege and i got the message : "Granting SeLoadDriverPrivilege to prg   ... successful" . I checked after that again and I have the same error.

2) I open secpol.msi . Note : Even Though I  am admin, Domain Controller policies will override my local settings

Here under "User Rights Assignment"  --> "LOAD AND UNLOAD DEVICE DRIVERS"  ---> 'Local Settings' has "Administrators" + My  name . Similarly   ---->'Effective Setting' has "Administrators" + My  name

So I have access to this now .

3) I also downloaded latest process explorer  from sysinternals site and it is RUNNING --> As per it's help file we need not be administrators for it anyway.

4) I downloaded latest Handle.exe --> version , Modified on 11-01-2006 . But the problem persists.

Note: I think unlike other drivers which will be visible when you search for *.sys , this is not found in search --> Which means it gets loaded in memory only when Handle.exe or processexplorer runs but does not get installed as such  when you run it for the first time . Is it correct?

Do you have any other suggestions for me to check out ?  thanks for your help.








Posted By: Drajac
Date Posted: 15 March 2007 at 1:00pm

Hi Praveen,

Did you have any luck with this problem? I have the same problem which drives me crazy ...



Posted By: FlackMonkey
Date Posted: 11 July 2011 at 4:02pm

This is a realy old post but still shows on google search.  I resolved this by using another sysinternals util here is the command that works for me:

"psexec -s c:\handle.exe java >> output.txt"
its a bit of a workaround since you have to capture the output to a file but it definately works
the error I was getting with just running "handle.exe java" was
Handle v3.42
Error loading driver:
Access is denied

Posted By: renkani
Date Posted: 13 August 2011 at 3:27pm
Thanks for sharing... It works for me.

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