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Process Explorer Changelog

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    Posted: 31 March 2009 at 2:09pm
What's new in Version 11.33:
  • Fixes a bug where the history graph tooltips could display the wrong data point
  • Reduced the memory footprint of the structures that store graph history

What's new in Version 11.32:
  • Fixes a bug in the process security page's name resolution
  • Uses history graph tooltips that track the mouse

What's new in Version 11.31:
  • Works around a bug in the latest Debugging Tools for Windows debug engine DLL
  • Fixes a bug that could cause objects to show up as <unknown type> when Process Explorer was run without administrative rights

What's new in Version 11.30:
  • Numerous enhancements and bug fixes
  • Adds a physical memory history graph
  • Options to configure memory tray icons
  • Asyncronous thread symbol resolution and security ID lookup
  • Dynamic recognition of new volume drive letters
  • Multiple character matching in the process view
  • Smaller memory footprint

What's new in Version 11.21:
  • Fixes a race condition bug in the Process Explorer device driver

What's new in Version 11.20:
  • Process Explorer now shows thread permissions
  • Adds process working set minimum and maximum columns
  • Fixes a bug that allows it to run from read-only locations on 64-bit Windows

What's new in Version 11.13:
  • Bug fixes for viewing thread stacks of system threads and 64-bit thread stacks
  • Fixes compatibility with Windows 9x and NT 4

What's new in Version 11.12:
  • Support for tracking commit and non-paged pool limits

What's new in Version 11.11:
  • Fixes a bug in the driver that could cause a crash when viewing the handle table of a process that exits

What's new in Version 11.10:
  • Support for high DPI, display of paging and standby list sizes on Vista
  • Display of cycles consumed on threads tab on Vista
  • Reports the COM object running inside of Dllhost processes and the tasks running inside of Vista Taskeng host processes in the process view hover tooltip.

What's new in Version 11.04:
  • This update fixes a memory leak in the threads tab

What's new in Version 11.03:
  • Thread support in the process properties dialog is enhanced with Wow64 thread stacks on 64-bit Windows and kernel stacks on Windows Vista and Server 2008
  • Tooltips on the service hosting processes now show service names
  • User SID is displayed on the security properties page
  • Column headers have tooltips when they’re too small to display their text

What's new in Version 11.02:
  • Fixes bugs in column set and NT 4 TCP/IP tab functionality

What's new in Version 11.0:
  • Major startup and UI performance improvements
  • New columns and process details for Vista I/O priorities, memory priorities, and Address Space Layout Randomization (ASLR)
  • DLL and executable attributes
  • Enhanced security properties page that shows raw SID values
  • Fully asynchronous thread symbol resolution, integration with UAC, and more!

What's new in Version 11.0:
  • New treelist control for better UI responsiveness
  • Asynchronous thread symbol resolution on threads tab of process properties
  • More flags on groups in security tab and SID display
  • Thread IDs on threads tab
  • On-line search uses default web browser and search engine
  • Vista ASLR column for processes and DLLs
  • Vista Process and thread I/O and memory priorities in process and thread properties
  • Vista Process and thread I/O and memory columns
  • PROCESS_QUERY_LIMITED_INFORMATION support on process permissions on Vista
  • Run as limited user runs with low IL on Vista
  • Reports information for all object types on Vista
  • Show details for all processes elevation menu item on Vista
  • Supports replacement of task manager on Vista
  • /e to launch elevated
  • /s switch to select a process at startup
  • Compiled w/ASLR, DEP
  • Faster startup
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and minor improvements

What's new in Version 10.21:
  • This Process Explorer release fixes a bug in 32-bit path resolution on 64-bit systems
  • Change the threads tab to asynchronously populate its thread list

What's new in Version 10.2:
  • Vista integrity level and virtualized columns and process properties
  • Signed driver for 64-bit Vista for x64 processors

What's new in Version 10.1:
  • Vista process cycle counters in process properties and as column
  • Service permissions viewing and editing
  • Workaround for .NET runtime handle leak
  • Many new I/O columns and process properties
  • System and per-process I/O bytes history graphs
  • I/O history minigraph
  • Memory commit history minigraph
  • Optional I/O history tray icon
  • Windows 64-bit for Itanium support

What's new in Version 10.0:
  • The process column is locked on the left side so that it doesn't scroll horizontally out of view
  • You can configure custom column selections and save them as easy-to-access column sets
  • Image verification option now verifies images in the background
  • More refresh intervals
  • Runas menu entry in the File menu
  • Run as Limited User menu entry in the File menu to run a process without administrative privileges and group membership
  • Process menu includes Restart item to kill and then restart a selected process
  • Can suspend individual threads on Threads page of Process Properties dialog
  • The Find Window target moves Process Explorer's main window to the back to get it out of the way
  • Close Window command uses same End Task functionality as Task Manager
  • Show New Processes option scrolls display to make new processes visible
  • Heuristics to detect more image packers
  • User name of account in which Process Explorer is running is shown in the title bar
  • Services can be stopped, resumed, and paused from the Services tab of the Process Properties dialog
  • The DLLs that host SvcHost processes are listed in the Services tab of the Process Properties dialog
  • Services running within a process display on the process' tooltip
  • As a parallel to the CPU Usage History column there's now a Private Bytes Usage History column
  • The Process view includes columns that show the working set breakdown of the process in shared, shareable and private pages
  • New delta private-bytes column to show changes in private virtual memory usage
  • Can copy lines from the Process, DLL and Handle views to the clipboard
  • Option to show pagefile-backed (unnamed) sections in DLL view
  • DLL and handle searching consolidated
  • The DLL view includes columns that show the working set contributions in shared, shareable, and private pages
  • The DLL a Rundll32 process hosts is shown in its process tooltip
  • Packed DLL highlighting in DLL view
  • Image signing verification available for DLLs
  • Better DLL properties dialog
  • Object address shown in Object Properties dialog
  • File object share flags column for Handle view

What's new in Version 9.2:
  • CPU history in tray icon
  • CPU history column
  • I/O delta column
  • Process security editing
  • Reports loaded 32-bit DLLs on Windows 64-bit
  • Support for Windows Vista
  • Buffer overflow bugfix in v9.25 and higher

What's new in Version 9.1:
  • x64 and x86 executables are in a single binary
  • x64 kernel and user-mode stack support
  • New Verified Company column shows image signer information
  • Strings tab in process properties dialog has in-memory image scan option
  • Highlighting for images that are packed (have compressed or encrypted code, which is common in malware)
  • Window menu on process context menu allows for minmizing, maximizing, and restoring windows

What's new in Version 9.0:
  • System information dialog has per-CPU graph option with hyperthreaded and NUMA processor information
  • A Users menu duplicates the functionality of Task Manager's Users tab, showing Terminal Services session information and supporting logoff, disconnect, and sending messages
  • On XP SP2 and higher the TCP/IP tab displays the thread stack at the time an endpoint was opened
  • The tray icon context menu includes the shutdown menu
  • Search engine option to use Google or MSN Search
  • Object address column is available for the handle view
  • Image signatures can be checked on-demand in the process properties dialog
  • Process explorer is digitally signed with Sysinternals' Verisign Class 3 signing certificate

What's new in Version 8.61:
  • Data Execution Protection (DEP) status on process image tab and as column
  • Copy-to-clipboard from process environment variable and strings dialogs
  • Can select and copy text strings of process image properties page
  • Multi-row tabs on process properties dialog
  • Image signing verification on process image properties dialog
  • Mini-CPU usage graph on toolbar
  • Command-line option for specifying Process Explorer priority
  • Manual refresh (F5) forces recheck of job and .NET process status
  • Single-clicking on tray icon minimizes and restores main window

What's new in Version 8.50:
  • Finder tool for identifying the process that owns a selected window
  • Strings listings for process and DLL images
  • Google menu item for searching process and DLL information
  • Tray tooltip shows highest-CPU consuming process
  • Window status column (like Task Manager's Status column on the Applications tab)
  • DLL view for System process shows list of loaded device drivers

What's new in Version 8.40:
  • TCP/IP process properties page shows active TCP and UDP endpoints
  • Display updating code eliminates all flicker
  • 64-bit version shows which processes are 64-bit on process properties and adds 64-bit process column
  • Additional opacity settings
  • Improved symbol support

What's new in Version 8.30:
  • Runs in non-admin account
  • Treeview functionality to collapse and expand process subtrees
  • Can bring process-owned window to the foreground
  • System CPU graph shows timestamps and most-active process for any given point
  • Per-process graph data tracked even when main window is minimized to tray
  • Per-process graph data displays timestamps
  • Tray icon has black background
  • Can set process CPU affinity
  • Process tooltip no longer between mouse pointer and process name
  • Ability to add a comment to processes and new comment column
  • More system information, including I/O deltas and paging data
  • New process columns for I/O delta and page-fault delta
  • More process performance information in process properties dialog
  • Improved performance

What's new in Version 8.20:
  • Can open multiple process properties dialogs simultaneously
  • Process properties and thread stack dialogs are resizable
  • System information dialog CPU and memory usage graphs like Task Manager
  • More performance data on the System Information dialog
  • Per-process CPU and memory graph tab in process properties
  • Opacity settings
  • New tray window context menu options
  • More performance information on process properties dialog
  • Lock option in shutdown menu
  • Reconfigured menu items and highlighting configuration
  • New status bar column options

What's new in Version 8.10:
  • Status bar information is configurable to show CPU usage, commit charge, # of processes, and more
  • Can terminate individual threads
  • New Shutdown menu for logging off and shutting down the system
  • Only allow one instance option
  • Auto-open of lower pane when a find result is clicked

What's new in Version 8.0:
  • .NET tab for .NET processes that shows AppDomains and .NET performance counters
  • When the .NET Framework is detected a .NET tab on the column selection dialog for adding .NET performance counters
  • Option to show only .NET processes
  • Option to only show your own processes
  • System Information dialog showing the same memory counters as Task Manager (when symbols are configured, also shows maximum paged and nonpaged pool values)
  • Better symbol configuration guidance
  • Difference highlight duration is configurable
  • Tray icon for CPU usage that's yellow when usage is > 70% and red when > 90%
  • Minimize-to-tray option
  • Highlight color configuration dialog
  • Context switch and context-switch delta columns
  • Run processes using the system Run dialog from the File menu
  • Replace task manager option so that when you run Task Manager Process Explorer runs instead
  • Only non-zero CPU usage, .NET counters and context-switch values are displayed to clearly highlight process activity
  • Search for DLLs or handles regardless of what mode the lower pane is in
  • Correct icons for MMC windows
  • Mouse hover over process names and DLL names shows full path of executable or DLL

What's new in Version 7.0:
  • Process suspend/resume
  • Thread details including stacks
  • Fractional CPU usage
  • Job object information
  • Right-justified numeric columns with numeric formatting
  • Mutex properties shows owning thread if mutex is owned
  • More information in process properties
  • Start time and CPU time process columns
  • Option to hide the lower pane
  • Kill process tree
  • More accurate Registry key names for profile unload debugging
  • New help file

What's new in Version 6.0:
  • Moveable columns
  • Column selection and a wide variety of configurable process, DLL and handle columns
  • Asynchronous updates all views
  • Refresh highlighting effects last several seconds
  • Save function saves process view and current bottom view (handle or DLL)
  • Minimize-to-tray option
  • Service descriptions on services tab of service process properties dialog

What's new in Version 5.2:
  • CPU usage column on Win9x
  • GDI and USER handle display in process properties (Win2K/XP)
  • Find dialog supports handle-type searching

What's new in version 5.1:
  • CPU usage column
  • Session IDs on systems that have Terminal Services
  • Process environment tab in process properties dialog
  • Display of process tree (parent/child relationships)
  • More efficient refresh
  • Debug process menu item that launches registered Win32 debugger

What's new in version 5.0:
  • Autorefresh
  • Service process highlighting
  • Highlight processes running in your account
  • Change process priority
  • Launch Depends if its on your PATH
  • Displays process group membership and privilege usage
  • Shows process start directory
  • Improved UI and performance

What's new in version 4.0:
  • Support for full handle viewing on Win9x/Me (with the exception of Registry key handles)

What's new in Version 3.1:
  • Process icons
  • Refresh highlighting: new entries in the process, handle and DLL views are green, and deleted ones red
  • Listview tooltips
  • DLL descriptions in the DLL view
  • Highlights relocated DLLs
  • Jump-to-entry in the find dialog
  • Efficient refresh
  • Runs on Windows 9x/Me

What's new in Version 2.26:
  • Close any open handle
  • See the user associated with every process (previous versions only showed the user for certain ones)

What's new in Version 2.21:
  • HandleEx now shows memory-mapped files as modules in the DLL view
  • The driver is integrated with the GUI, making a one-file image
  • HandleEx uses the Win2K security editors when running on Win2K
  • You can Tab between the top and bottom windows

Version 2.1 has the following enhancements over previous versions:
  • It properly handles the System Idle process in Win2K.
  • You can view properties and security attributes of objects, including the signal states of mutexes, events, and semaphores.
  • A number of minor user-interface enhancements.

Version 2.0 has the following enhancements over previous versions:
  • A number of user-interface enhancements, including full-row selection and a right-click context-menu
  • A 'kill' command for terminating processes
  • A 'properties' command for viewing additional information about a process or DLL
  • Display of process name for process handles, and process name and thread ID for thread handles
  • Parent processes are reported
  • Window titles for visible windows are shown with their owning process

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